Program for Research in Computing and Information Sciences and Engineering

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Research and Development Group

Nétsor J. Rodríguez,, Coordinator
José A. Borges,


The objective of this group is to develop research in software fields that could result in novel software applications for our society. The group is integrated by researchers with expertise in areas such as human-computer interaction and medical informatics. The multidisciplinary nature of the projects proposed by this group require the integration of professionals and researchers from other fields such as medicine and nursing.

Current Participation in Competitive Research Grants

Strategic R&D Alliances with other Institutions :

Clinical Computing Center, School of Medicine , Harvard University .

Consultants: Daniel Sands and Tricia Bourie

Research Summaries

Development of User Interfaces for Electronic Patient Record System

This work focus on the development of user interfaces for electronic patient record systems. Prototypes of electronic patient record systems are being developed to study physicians' and nurses' interaction with various applications and technologies. We have run experiments to study physicians interacting with text-based, graphical-based and paper based electronic patient record systems. Most recently with we ran experiments that involved physicians and nurses interacting with PDAs to access and update patient records.


Refereed Conferences (with proceedings)

N. J. Rodriguez , Murillo, V., Borges, J.A., Sands, D.Z., and Ortiz, J., "A Study of Physicians' Interaction with Text-Based and Graphical-Based Electronic Patient Record Systems", Proceedings of the 15th. IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, June 2002.

Rodriguez , N.J. , Borges, J.A ., Murillo, V., Sands, D.Z., and Ortiz, J., "A Usability Study of Physicians Interaction with a Paper-Based Patient Record System and a Graphical-Based Electronic Patient Record System", Proc. AMIA Symposium 2002, November 2002.

Arroyo J., Borges. J., Rodríguez N., Moulier E., Rivas M., Cuaresma A., Yeckle J., "An Event/Rule Framework (ERF) for specifying the Behavior of Distributed Systems", 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering and Middleware, 2002, pp 59 - 71.


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