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Domingo Rodríguez,, Coordinator
Manuel Jiménez,


The Automated Information Processing Group has as main objective to conduct basic and applied research in the design and development of efficient rapid systems prototypes for digital electronics applications. Special attention is given to prototypes for digital vector testability for large scale digital designs, FPGA development for emulation and simulation of signal processing computing methods, and the development of Integer Representation-based CAD tools. Target applications include remote sense imaging circuits, coding and cryptography systems, wavelength division multiple-access (WDM) communications circuits, and other large scale computing applications in Signal Processing and Communications. This research group is associated with newly created RASP Laboratory. A main mission of the RASP Laboratory is to enable graduate students acquire the necessary training, skills, expertise, and capabilities to conduct academic and industrial research work in the field of rapid prototyping digital-based systems, in general, and digital signal processing systems, in particular.

Current Participation in Competitive Research Grants  

"Continuation of the TI Analog, Digital, and Mixed-signal Electronics Program at the UPRM"

Researchers: Rogelio Palomera (PI), Manuel Jiménez (Co-PI), Manuel Toledo Quiñones (Co-PI). Sponsor: Texas Instruments

Strategic R&D Alliances with other Institutions
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Research Summaries  

The Integer-Pair Representation: A Suitable Format for the Parallel Manipulation of Boolean Algebra - Dr. Manuel Jimenez

This work deals with the creation of a new format to represent binary terms in Boolean functions, called the Integer Pair Representation (IPR). This novel format uses an ordered pair of integers to compactly represent each cube of a Boolean function written as a sum-of-products in either canonical or non-canonical form. Properties of the representation have been formally established unveiling its advantages for developing algorithms enabling the concurrent processing of Boolean variables on SISD machines. In the current stage of development, these properties and algorithms have been combined to develop a prototype program for minimizing single-output binary valued Boolean functions.

Scalable Computing Methods for Signal Processing Systems - Dr. Domingo Rodriguez

This work deals with the analysis, design, and implementation of communications signals and circuits for signal processing systems. In particular, the work concentrates on developing scalable computing methods in signal processing for various stages of transmitter and receiver circuits and systems in digital radar systems, and digital communications systems in general. New hardware development strategies for signal synthesis, digital modulation, and channel coding techniques are being studied for signal transmission and reception efforts in multi-input multi-output (MIMO) adaptive sensor array radar systems. Special attention is being given to time-frequency representation techniques for the firmware implementation of surface point target response functions for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing operations. Kronecker signal algebra is being used for the study of structured multirate array sensor signal processing systems.



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