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PRECISE Research Assistantships
Summer 2003
 Name of Student

Maria del Mar Alvarez

Cardiovascular Geometric Modeling using Image Segmentation

Wilson Rivera

Rafael Arce

Integer Pair Representation for Multiple-Output Logic

Manuel Jiménez

Vidya Manian

Texture Discrimination

Ramón Vásquez

Margie González

Feature Selection for Nonparametric Classifiers  
Edgar Acuña

Elio Lozano

Estimation of Density by Kernel and its Applications using Parallel Programming  
Edgar Acuña

Juan L. Dinos

Ontology for the Recovery of Documents using RDFS and Software Agents

Fernando Vega

Carlos Hualparimachi

Design and Development of a Java-based Distributed System Tool for SAR Image Analysis

Domingo Rodríguez

William Sánchez

Kronecker Structured Multirate Array Sensor Signal Processing  Systems

Domingo Rodríguez

José Enseñat

Design, Development, and Implementation of a Registration Server for the NetTraveler Middleware System
Manuel Rodríguez

Hilaura Nava

Modeling and Simulation of Point Spread Functions for Advanced SAR Systems
Domingo Rodríguez

Yahaira Soler

User Interfaces for Accessing Electronic Patient Record Systems with Hand Held Devices

Néstor Rodríguez

Jairo E. Valiente

INFORADAR-ML: A Multi-Lingual Information Discovery Tool Exploiting Automatic Document Categorization

Bienvenido Vélez

Naomi Acosta

Development of User Interfaces for Accessing Electronic Patient Record Systems with hand Held Devices

Néstor Rodríguez

Irvin Ortiz

Scalable Pipeline Insertion in Floating-point Units for FPGA Synthesis

Manuel Jiménez

Alberto Quinchanegua

Computing  Methods for Signal Algebra Operators: A DSP Core Implementations Approach

Domingo Rodríguez

Ana M. Molina

Xroaster: A Tool for Catalog Management on Middleware Databases Systems

Manuel Rodríguez-Martínez


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